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Canada's premier online alternative lender, National Cash ®, serves clients right across the country by providing direct deposit payday loans to those who are running short on cash. Fast, efficient, and private, National Cash ® puts customers first.

National Cash ® provides full disclosure, responsible lending without the typical bank attitude towards customer service and underwriting criteria. Need cash for 1 day or 30 days, paid weekly or monthly? National Cash can help clients. FAST!

Instead of operating a retail store, or several hundred across the country, National Cash ® has moved lending online. In a safe and secure virtual environment to serve more clients, more effectively, and as quickly as possible. The result is an online loan application with Instant Approval for direct deposit of money quickly!

The parent company of National Cash ® was founded in 2000, to provide clients with access to home mortgages and commercial mortgages through a network of licensed mortgage brokers in Ontario, Canada. Payday Loans and Cash Advances were a natural addition to the lending services offered as clients expressed a need for alternative financial services that the major banks just weren't providing.

The internet lending portal was created in 2005 to fill this need and provide clients with online access to apply for a payday loan, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In mid 2009 National Cash upgraded it's loan management software to allow client's to manage their payments and re-loan requests at any time online.

As the market in Canada for alternative financial services grows day by day, and more would be competitors enter the industry, National Cash ® continues to view every client as an individual. No up front credit check and no faxing of documents is required. The lending decision is made instantly and cash is deposited within minutes.

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